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Weekend Trips to Mammoth

Here is the MAMMOTH WEEKEND schedule for this 2016-17 ski season:

The snow is great and the interest is high, so an additional trip has been scheduled for June 8-11 2017
There might even be more, so check back!

December 8-11, 2016; January 5-8, 2017; February 16-19, 2017; March 9-12, 2017; March 30-Apr 2, 2017

Also, by popular request:  
April 27-30, 2017 - download the Weekend Trip Application immediately and contact Roberto.

We have at least one condo filled, and are taking names for a 2nd or 3rd.  When there are enough people to cover the cost of a condo, Roberto will make the appropriate arrangements.  So, get your check and forms to Roberto today to reserve a bed!

Mammoth might close on July 4, 2017, but keeps on getting more snow.  POW with 2 feet on 4/20/17!

The cost is $220 for the three-day weekend, and may continue to be so - Maybe less, if we can depend on people packing the bodies in.  These days, we like the flexibilities of driving up in carpools, although the Balboa Ski Club has offered space on their bus.....

For a condo with jacuzzi, a Saturday pasta dinner, and help to get the lowest pass possible, where can you go wrong?

Yes, you must be a member of the ski club to go on these trips. Make checks payable to Long Beach Ski Club.

For Weekend Trip information during the Ski Season, contact VP of Weekend Trips Roberto Tovar at rtovar562@verizon.net

More info detailed in the Weekend Trip Application

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