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Fun Times with the Long Beach Ski Club!!!

57 photo(s) Updated on: 09 Nov 2021
  • Our Mark Malan in Far West Ski Association magazine!
  • Bob & Jan on Homer's Hollywood Sign Summit Hike October 2021 Happy 91 Bob!
  • Homer's Hollywood Sign Summit at Griffith Park. So much fun!
  • Our Weekend Trips Chair, Tan was nominated as Secretary at Far West Ski Association Convention 2021
  • Our Far West Ski Association 2021 Delegates:
  • Keith, Eric, and Dana Mammoth February 2021
  • Sabine and Heidi at the top of Mammoth during February 2021 Weekend Trip
  • Weekend Chair Mike, Ivy, and Lyn at February 2021 Mammoth Weekend Trip
  • Jodi and Rose at Mammoth Weekend Trip February 2021
  • Windy day at Mammoth February 2021
  • Tamarack Cross Country Ski Lodge
  • View from the top
  • Membership Chair Craig leading the way to Panorama Dome by Tamarack Lodge
  • Week Trip Chair Eric, Webmaster Dana, Breeze Editor Catherine in Mammoth February 2021
  • Eric's commentary on Catherine's turtle slide from top of Cornice.
  • Membership Chair Craig, Dana, Catherine At Mammoth February 2021
  • Club Hike in Upper Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve with Catherine & Dana
  • Entrance to parking lot for Victory entrance to Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve
  • Prairie Falcon at Upper Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve (Photo by Catherine W Singer © 2021 www.CatherineSinger.com)
  • Pay Station for Upper Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve parking lot at the end of Victory Boulevard. $3 cash
  • Flier for Upper Las Virgenes Open Space hike February 14th, 2021 10am - 3.
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