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Wanted: Skiers & Snowboarders 

 Membership in the Long Beach Ski Club gives you access to the Ski Breeze newsletter, event information and the Membership Roster, and is required to participate in Ski/Board Trips.

Online Membership Application Process For
Is Now Open

  1. First click here to download the current LBSC liability waiver LBSC_WAIVER_RELEASE_11-2020.pdf, and save on your computer,  where you can find it.
  2. Open the waiver in a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat, and after reading enter your name and the date. The document may be legally "signed" electronically by clicking the pen icon    in the tool bar. You must use a PDF reader, not just a browser window. The free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader can be installed by clicking here. Another option would be to print sign and scan the completed waiver. Either way save the signed PDF file where you can find it again.
  3. Click here to complete the online application, and upload your signed waiver. You will need to login, if you have not already. Click on "Forgot password", if necessary. Always use the same email address, to avoid duplicating your account. Renewing members just need to click on the renewal button, then update their profile, and upload their signed Waiver. New members can complete the application. Click on next, to make the $55 club dues payment with your credit card.  Renewals can also be entered through the "View profile" option, in the lower left corner of our web site.
  4. When you receive the “Payment Successful” message – Congratulations! You are a Member of the Long Beach Ski Club!

Optional Manual Application Process

     1. Click here to download the LBSC Membership Application


      2. Click here to download the LBSC Liability Waiver


      3. Print and fill out both forms.

      4. Mail your signed Waiver and completed Application with a check for $55 to:

          Long Beach Ski Club – Membership

          PO Box 15291

          Long Beach, CA 90815

          (Or just give them to Craig Gibson, LBSC Membership Chairman)



Feel free to contact the membership chairman Craig Gibson at membership@longbeachskiclub.org

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